I know, it's hard.
So let me build your BDN for you.

image of a sample BDN
image of a sample BDN

I can build a BDN and supply your value story so you can:

  • discuss the value of your product or service with your stakeholders
  • visualize and trace the complex relationships from enablers to outcomes
  • identify those enablers and changes that will drive the larger value outcomes.

I have built, adjusted and re-written hundreds of BDNs and spent hours explaining and running workshops just around this one diagram!

So send me your ideas, sketches, PowerPoint, your notes, what ever, and I will create a BDN for you to review and adjust. I will host it securely online and you will get a link you can share.

Then you can hit Generate Story and Generate Summary to download the generated story. You will also get the BDN as an XML file so you could import it into other tools (if there was one).

Of course, it's not free. For $399 I will enter your data into the tool and review the resultant BDN with you on a 30-minute call. If you need more time, advice or value mentoring then normal consulting rates apply, $200 per hour.

Stripe (payment link) and Venmo (@David-Slight) available.

Send me an email at david@DavidSlight.com and lets get going.